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At the heart of our Heavy-Duty offerings is the revolutionary Ultra Mat®, a cutting-edge composite trackway mat that seamlessly combines durability, versatility, and eco-friendliness being 100% recyclable. The Ultra Mat® is proven to be the strongest 2.5m x 3m composite trackway mat on the market today. The Ultra Mat® can handle an impressive maximum force of 205.1 tonnes according to US regulations with soils of CBR 10.

Committed to sustainability, we also proudly offer Aluminium Track that is made from recycled aluminium and 100% recyclable, making sure that your temporary roadways align with both your project’s needs and your environmental goals. Our Aluminium Track option offers a strong, solid, and resilient roadway that can withstand the heaviest of loads from a 1000 tonne capacity mobile crane, whilst also having a pedestrian friendly surface for a prestigious event.

Whether you’re looking to hire or purchase, our Heavy-Duty solutions provide a superior alternative to traditional stone roads, offering not only superior performance but also an impressive reduction of up to 80% in your carbon footprint. With Site Track®, you’re not just investing in quality trackway; you’re paving the way for a greener future.

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